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Prometheus by Para Labs

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Prometheus by Para Labs (formerly Slim Tum) is a thermogenic fat burner of epic proportions, for those really serious about incinerating calories and the appetite. A balanced boost of caffeine and patented ingredients in Prometheus supports metabolic pathways, to sharpen the body and mind.

Key Features

  • Professional fat burning capsules
  • Thermogenic calorie burn
  • Lasting energy
  • Appetite & craving control
  • Mental focus

What is Prometheus?

Prometheus is a cut above the usual fat burning capsule formulas, with a synergistic mix of patented, scientifically backed thermogenic ingredients. Not for the faint hearted, Prometheus stimulates thermogenesis in the body, where we burn more calories to be used as energy.

If fat loss and a lean body composition is the immediate goal, it is best to hit that from multiple angles. Prometheus is used by professional athletes worldwide to help cut body fat fast, while retaining muscle. A slightly stronger formula since 2021, reviews about Prometheus being one of the most effective fat burners in Australia have been rampant.

Why consider taking Prometheus on your weight loss journey?

  • Increases calorie shred
  • Suppresses appetite and food cravings
  • Incredible energy levels
  • Improved mental clarity & focus
  • Convenient capsule formula

The results have been phenomenal, and the clever use of clinically proven ingredients is the main reason why. By only using heavily researched ingredients, Prometheus remains highly safe and effective for use by a variety of individuals. 

What exactly is a thermogenic formula?

Thermogenic formulas contain ingredients, like caffeine, that cause our body temperature and metabolic processes to speed up. The result is thermogenesis, when the body ‘burns’ extra calories to fuel the rise in body heat, and the acceleration of certain metabolic pathways. It is an effect that will be felt fairly quickly, and may get you sweating up a storm! This is good, your Prometheus is working hard to get you shredded.

Prometheus has 150 mg of caffeine, what are the other thermogenic ingredients?

The lasting effects of caffeine have nothing on the energy and everlasting endurance when taking TeacrineⓇ Theacrine. The patented form of theacrine in Prometheus delivers a great boost to mental and physical potential, without any nasty crash afterwards.

A sure-fire way to get your butt off the couch and into the fat burning zone is with a good dose of GBB (Gamma Butyrobetaine). A potent ingredient the body uses to make more of our natural Carnitine available in the blood, and efficiently use fat as fuel. This supports our mitochondria in most of our cells, for a clever anti-aging hack.

EnEXTRAⓇ Alpinia Galanga is a patented ingredient in Prometheus that pairs perfectly with caffeine, for superior focus and attention to detail. Prometheus will help you feel unstoppable, from the boardroom to the weight rack!

Prometheus has another little gem of an ingredient, the renowned CocoabuterolⓇ Theobroma Cacao. Studied for its ability to support protein synthesis and protect us from muscle wastage, the benefits are clear. CocoabuterolⓇ promotes a better blood flow to working muscles, and encourages fat burning.

It could not be simpler to pop Prometheus in your gym bag, or work drawer as the convenient encapsulated formula can travel with you. A potent, yet so simple way to achieve next level fat burning potential, while feeling energised and ready to take on the world. 


Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules with or before breakfast. folowed by 1-2 capsules in the early afternoon.

Consuming late in the day may cause sleeplessness.


CONTAINS CAFFEINE - 205mg per serve


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